Is It Allowed to Book Driving Lessons During Coronavirus Crisis?

A few months back, Victorian police had issued a penalty to a 17 years old learner-driver.  This led to a major question among people that whether L-platers can have driving lessons in the coronavirus crisis.

This article discusses the issue and gives you clarity on whether or a learner driver can book driving lessons in a coronavirus crisis.

Are people permitted to take driving lessons during the COVID 19 pandemic?

Earlier due to nationwide lockdown, driving tests except priority tests were suspended in all states and territories of Australia. However, things have changed now. A lot of relaxation in rules has been granted by the government.  In specific jurisdictions, people are allowed to travel at any part of the country within their territory and state.

This indicates that people are allowed to take driving lessons if they are not in a quarantine state. Still, it is suggested to check with the state transport service to find out what you can do and what you can’t do. This will ensure that you abide by the law and does not involve in any illegal activity.

LTrent Driving School is a specialized driver training school in Australia. With more than fifty years of experience, the school provides a comprehensive driver training program to people. Their courses aim at providing the safe driving principles of vision and space.

What are the possible options available to avail driving lessons in COVID 19?

If you want to book a driving lesson and learn driving, then you can do it in two below-mentioned ways:

  • Taking private driving lessons

This mode of learning to drive falls in agreement with regulations and rules around travel. You will be safe if you don’t get a certain answer from the local transport or state service.

  • Driving lessons with the support of an instructor

Learner drivers can book driving lessons and get the much-needed driving experience. The sessions need close contact with the instructor to find out how each party protects the health of other people.

It is required to know that this service needs to be accessed if you are well, and not giving any signs of coronavirus. The same rule applies to the driving instructor.

Locating a Driving Instructor In COVID-19

Choose only those driving schools that are transparent and open about their response to coronavirus. They should focus on the safety and health of their customers. It is also required that the driving school states the type of precautions that their business takes. This includes cleanliness and in-car safety measures.

It is required to note the following things when choosing a driver training service in COVID 19:

  • Are they regularly disinfecting their car?
  • Are they ensuring windows are locked in ‘fresh air’ settings?
  • Do they clean the car after every lesson?
  • Are they committed to handwashing the car regularly?
  • How do they enforce social distancing measures inside and outside the lesson environment?


Ease in driving restrictions is seen in most parts of Australia. The country has also opened up its travel policies to enable recreational travel that includes booking driving practice and driving lessons. To be on a safer side, it is advised to learn about your state rules before you book driving lessons.

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