Plumbing Mistakes You Must Avoid While Fixing It Yourself – Get A Plumber

Plumbing is the most important part when it comes to constructing a house. A broken pipe can lead to a great mess. You might know how to fix your tap or your flush tank, but one mistake can turn your home into a swimming pool.

You might not want to create a mess out of your home by fixing everything yourself. Well, you can get a plumber. If you are in Sydney and are suffering from plumbing problems, Wilco Plumber Services will help you fix them. They are very reliable and will not make mistakes that you would make while fixing it. Looking for a professional plumber in Sydney?


It is a very crucial job to get the right equipment and the right way of fixing your pipe. It might look easy on the DIY videos, but when you do it, you know how difficult it is. If you have tried fixing your pipes yourself and failed, then we will help you know why you failed.

Mistakes you make while plumbing

One mistake while plumbing can either make your floors wet or make your taps waterless. Here’s what you should avoid:

Over tightening Connections:

If you overtight your pipes, supply tubes, and toilet bolt you might get a crack on them. It is not a good thing to happen. It might not crack at that time but the excess force can make your house turn into a swimming pool.

It is very common when you have plastic fittings. If your hex nuts are tightened too much, they will break which will lead to a flood. It will be worse if it happens in the toilet. You know why!

Wrong Tape:

You must know which wrapping tape you must use for your pipes. A thin white or a thick pink thread tape must be used for fittings that carry water. For gas line connections, use yellow gas-related thread tape, and for flare fittings, you must not use thread tapes. 

It is also very important to know how to use thread tape. Teflon tape must be wrapped clockwise around the threads. Most of us wrap it backward which tightens the fitting.

Using Drain Cleaners:

Most of us use liquid drain cleaners for clearing clogs. It is easier and better to use snake or barbed drain cleaning tools to remove sink clogs. You can also pour out the clog by removing the P-trap.

Using liquid cleaners can cause damage to your metal pipes and your rubber gasket which can cause leaks in the future.

Not Using Proper Spare Parts:

We usually buy only the main parts to tackle problems and do not know the spare parts. For example, for a faucet repair, we buy only the cartridge or a washer. While replacing them, you don’t replace the stem steal and gasket and O-rings because you don’t know about them. This will only lead to future leakage in your faucet.

Other mistakes that you might make include: Not shutting off the water, using too much muscle to turn off the valve, not using the right tools, and mixing up spare parts.


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