What Damage Can Continuous Exposure to Sun Do to Your Skin?

Getting exposed to sun when we are out is inevitable. We will have to go through this. Especially, in some cold states of the United States, people love getting exposed to sun and they wait for the sun to show up. We all love that warm feeling we get when the sun shines bright. That is certainly a cheerful feeling.

Also, the fact is that when you are exposed to the direct sunlight, you can get some benefits from it. Your body can produce vitamin D only when it is exposed to sun. However, then why do some say that sun rays can be harmful to skin and our body? Does that mean they are wrong?

Certainly not! This is why you need to understand about the sun rays and how it works for you. Therefore, it is good to know a bit of science here and apply it in your day to day scenarios. Once you understand this, you will know why you need to use a sunscreen to keep yourself protected from the sun.

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About the sun’s rays and ozone layer

The sun’s rays contain light coming in different wavelengths. There is a particular range of wavelengths within which the rays are visible to the naked human eyes. The rays whose wavelengths are smaller than visible light is called the ultraviolet rays and those that are bigger are infrared rays. The infrared rays have the property of being hotter than visible light.

Thus, this produce or carry the heat of the sun to us. Also, the ultraviolet rays or the UV rays are harmful to us humans and to our skin. This is where the ozone layer of the atmosphere was helping us before. This protective blanket was shielding the earth by filtering out the harmful rays of the sun. It was letting in only the beneficial rays of the sun.

After all the pollution and the excessive CFC emission, you all know that there is a hole in the ozone layer of our earth. This is resulting in the penetration of those harmful rays of the sun into the earth’s atmosphere, which is causing a lot of damage to us humans.

A Few Symptoms You May Experience Due to Sun Damage

  • Redness or rashes
  • Blisters
  • Hot skin or tight skin
  • Dehydration
  • Skin peeling

Therefore, after knowing about these damages you will stay safe while enjoying the sun.

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