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Building Sexual Tension: The Art Of Flirting

Sexual tension is defined as a social phenomenon which occurs when two people interact and one or both parties feel sexual desire, but foreplay or consummation was delayed or denied. It can occur between co-workers or friends who decided not to have sex for personal or career reasons. It can also occur between close friends who deliberately deny the feelings they have in order to save their friendship from awkwardness.

Sexual tension can also happen between couples who are in a long-distance relationship. For those who are casually dating, it is important to create sexual tension through flirting in order to determine if there would be physical (and even emotional) chemistry. Additionally, sexual tension cannot be measured through an empirical analysis, rather it is knowing and listening to your body signals and opening up to possibilities.

Attraction plays a vital role in building sexual tension. Attraction can be biological in nature, but is also a psychological one, which can be fostered through flirting. However, flirting also depends on the context on where it happened. For example, chances are flirting is socially expected in bars and events; but is inappropriate in the academic setting.

To be successful in building sexual tension and chemistry (in the long run), one must avoid wrong beliefs about sexuality. First, if you have low self-esteem about your body, chances are you would not be able to flirt successfully. One should also avoid thinking that showing sexual interest would make you look cheap or less valuable. Lastly, believing that sex is disgraceful rather than a normal phenomenon would lessen your chances in fostering chemistry.

It is undeniable that life can be boring if you have not experienced sexual tension for it is the gateway in understanding your own sexuality. Sexual tension would also help you unlock new opportunities and meet amazing sexual partner/s.

Handling Sexual Tension

While sexual tension can be nerve-wracking, do not let it show adamantly. The issue with showing nervousness is that it can be a turn off. The other party might interpret it as a lack of self-esteem. Also, avoid being too aggressive and creepy during the process as to not end up assaulting or raping the person you’re attracted to. Instead, build sexual tension in a friendly manner and be sensitive of your partner’s boundaries. For men, it is important to understand the arousal of women takes time and effort; if you want her to feel sexual, build anticipation slowly. Moreover, keep the conversation fun and sexy without sounding too cocky and dirty. It may be tricky in doing so, though.